Abstract works

Colour, shape, texture and position coalesce in the mind of the viewer.

The narrative may appear change from day to day.



We Can All Be Angels

Acrylic on stretched canvas,

Appprox. 300 x 400 mm




Acrylic on canvas,

Approx 250mm x 300mm

Northern Parishes, Berkshire, 2013 prize winner



The Dinner Party,

Watercolour on heavy paper,

Approx. 250 x 250 mm






Coast Road, I.O.W.

Acrylic on stretched canvas,

Approx. 400x500 mm




Channel Road

Photographic Print,

Approx. 250x325 mm




Acrylic on stretched canvas

Approx. 250 x 350 mm


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(c) Andrew Herridge Contemporary Art, Isle of Wight, UK. 2016